Coffee & Prints


I spent a lot of my free time creating things that I loved to look at, in colors I adore and using images in a way that fascinated me and told various stories. (Typically I’m drinking way too much coffee for my own good, and interacting with different personalities online and IRL all day).  

The journey began February 2016, and honestly took off with a mixed, rocky start. I was showcasing my artwork on my Facebook photo albums and I began to get positive feedback, as well as requests from people to make something unique to them but in my kind of fashion. I wasn’t considering a side business for myself until there were so many requests I couldn’t keep up, and was spending the majority of time deeply invested in these pieces. There was no structure whatsoever, not even a business plan or name. I just grew more and more in love with the process and excited about the interactions with clients and friends.

Soon, I conjured up a simple plan. I would go one by one via email or fb messenger, taking requests and fulfilling each one in a timely manner. Even some clients had multiple requests. Then, I decided to sell the art as $5 printables, not just certain pieces, every piece no matter what it is or how time consuming or detailed. Customers can now make the payment, print it out conveniently themselves  how they want, and have as many copies. OR, clients can opt to have their print mailed to them at no additional costs. 

I chose to call this online business OTHER KINGDOMS PRINTABLES, or just Other Kingdoms for short.

What I do now is what I love. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve made some great friends and interesting relationships along the path. I found joy.

It is easy to get started with Other Kingdoms. First thing to do is look through the gallery to get a glimpse, and then contact me with any questions and to begin the process. It is possible to have the art YOU want, without going bankrupt and having an anxiety attack.

Much love from Syracuse, New York,

Arielle McNamara (is my artist name, Kathleen OGrady-White is my real name).




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