Vibrant schismy thoughts

As always, enjoying splendid coffee my friends.Sitting at the window on a humid afternoon (of course I’m having iced coffee, I’m not that masochistic) going over my soon to be adventure to Ithaca, NY. It rained earlier, but the breeze is long gone by now. 

I’m full to the brim with anxiety over these internet bullies. There was a situation the other day with an online stranger I just had to ignore but still I’m frustrated because I let it bother me. 

What are your experiences with online bullies? 

Tell me what coffee you’re drinking today.

I finished three new prints today, not for clients at all. I did them to help soothe my nerves. Check them out and let me know some feedback. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment I’m more than happy to fit you in, just send me an email. You know how it goes.

One way, by A.M 

End game resign, by A.M

Pendulum equation, by A.M


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