Vibrant schismy thoughts

As always, enjoying splendid coffee my friends.Sitting at the window on a humid afternoon (of course I’m having iced coffee, I’m not that masochistic) going over my soon to be adventure to Ithaca, NY. It rained earlier, but the breeze is long gone by now. 

I’m full to the brim with anxiety over these internet bullies. There was a situation the other day with an online stranger I just had to ignore but still I’m frustrated because I let it bother me. 

What are your experiences with online bullies? 

Tell me what coffee you’re drinking today.

I finished three new prints today, not for clients at all. I did them to help soothe my nerves. Check them out and let me know some feedback. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment I’m more than happy to fit you in, just send me an email. You know how it goes.

One way, by A.M 

End game resign, by A.M

Pendulum equation, by A.M


Ithaca Morning

I am very excited about my trip to Ithaca, NY tomorrow. I am going to take a lot of pictures. The town is superb for finding that much needed inspiration for art. The gorges, the falls, the parks and Cornell university are all great sources to ignite the creative side. If you have yet to see what Ithaca NY has to offer, please take time to look online. The landscape, nature, academia and artsy downtown will have you planning a trip there in no time!

I’m excited to get working on some Ithaca inspired prints. So keep a lookout, they’ll be coming soon!

A.M. πŸ’œ

Stale Coffee

Having a cup of black stale instant coffee, I suddenly had this epiphany that Independence day is right around the corner! Other Kingdoms prints has some eccentric pieces available July 2nd, all 5$.

Tell me how you celebrate Independence day even if you’re not that patriotic✌


Ayn Rands Revenge by A.M.


Electric flag droppin’ by A.M.


Her roots go deep, by A.M.



American Ether Ride by A.M

Other Kingdoms Prints

Hello to you, from me, Arielle McNamara @ Other Kingdoms Prints.

Thank you for stopping inπŸ’œ I hope you like what you’ve learned about Other Kingdoms so far, and I encourage you to explore this wild site even further.

I am the creative mind behind the concept of community of Other Kingdoms Prints and the proud owner of this online artistic Elysium.

I was born a rebel in Austin, Texas in 1987, and raised a Yankee in Syracuse, New York, where I still live to this day. I graduated from Onondaga Community College in 2011 with a degree in Human Services. If you can’t find me in Syracuse, I’d be in my second home and favorite place in the world, Ithaca, N.Y.

@ Other Kingdoms my sincere goal is to create a genuine one of a kind experience between artist and client. I conceptualize and customize quality unique art for clients locally in Syracuse and Ithaca N.Y. for those who don’t have the funds to spend large amounts of money on art pieces they desire, and for individuals who need assistance executing their creative ideas. I find what I do therapudic, rewarding and most importantly…fun! I love drinking coffee in the morning and having wonderful conversations with people about the Arts, all over the world.

The Asooka Gallery of Random Prints showcases in a beautiful slideshow, work I have already finished and sold to satisfied and happy clients. You can purchase prints from the gallery or you can contact me to design your own unique visions (consultation/labor process no charge) and once payment is processed (via PayPal) print easily from wherever you want, in any size you desire, and as many copies as you’d like. If you wish your print to not be resold, just let me know it is okay, I won’t upload it to the Asooka E-Gallery.

All printables from Other Kingdoms are only $5. No fees or extra charges just straightforwardness, which is rapturously sublime πŸ’œ

Contact me by email at to set something up today!

I look forward to working with you and hearing your feedback.

All work is copyrighted by A.M. 2015, 2016. (I only do payment transactions safely and securely with paypal).